Donate Cars for Kids at Iteach Android

If a person is asked what the best part of his whole life was, the answer will surely be childhood. This is the most precious time of a man’s life. But there are some ill-fated people who can’t enjoy this part of their lives. They have to suffer a lot at a tender age. By donating cars in our cars for kids program, you can help thee children to get a better life. You can donate cars for kids to make their childhood safe, secure and happy.

Why childhood is important? Because it is the time when a child can discover himself and build himself as a good human being. The education children get at this time leads them to what they become in the future. Those who can’t have the privileges of being a better human being have to suffer for the rest of their lives. But you can help them to be a better human being by donating your Cars to Help Kids.

Our program makes sure that the underprivileged and poverty-stricken children get the privileges of better medical support, basic needs and educational support to become a great human being in the future. The cars which are donated in this program are sold in the best price available in the market. Our experts help us to get more than the price you can think of that useless car. The money received from the sale is then used in children’s hospitals, mentoring programs and educational programs through various for kids

To donate cars for kids, you need to submit an online form which you can get at our website. Within 24-48 hours of the submission period, our towing company will contact you and fix a possible time for receiving the vehicle from your place. The towing is free of cost. The donation is tax deductible and we will send you a receipt of that after we have received your car.

You can donate any type of vehicle. We accept vehicles donated from any corner of the country. You don’t even need to worry about the towing cost. The donated vehicle may be spare for you, but it can change the whole world of a child who wants to study and have a happy childhood like others in the community. You can also be a part of fulfilling his dreams by donating that car.

Your small step can turn one’s world upside down. It can make a child go one step ahead towards a better and bright future. Our program is designed to give the best support to the most number of children. All we need is to donate at CHK for making the lives of these kids a better one.

How Can You Donate Your Car in Mother Waddles Car Donation Program?

The curse of poverty can affect the society in many ways. Poverty is the main cause of increase in criminal activities and other social problems. One step to donate your car can help us to fight poverty in the society. Mother Waddles car donation program has the motto to remove poverty and help poor people to lead a life with donation
Many of us have a spare car in our backyard or garage which we don’t use anymore or cannot be used anymore. These cars may not be of any use to us, but they can be of great use to the poor people of the community. If you donate your spare car to Mother Waddles car donation program, these cars will be used to raise funds for the welfare of the people who are deprived of their basic needs.

Donating a car in our car donation program is easy. First, you need to decide whether you want to contribute to our program. You can call our representatives to know more about our donation program. This will help you to take the decision. If you are interested, you have to submit an online form from our website. After the form is submitted, we will send you an email with the confirmation page of the donation. Within 24-48 hours of the form submission, our professional towing company will contact with you to schedule a possible handover time. You can donate from any part of the country. Our towing company will go to your doorstep to collect your car.

You don’t need to pay for the pickup service. After we have received your donation, we will issue you a tax deduction receipt. We will sell your car and the money will be used to provide foods, clothing, medical aid and other basic support to the poor people of the country. With our program we are hoping to help most possible homeless people in Detroit and South Michigan. You can donate any type of car or truck to our program.

As a social being, we have a duty towards our society and the people of the society. We shouldn’t live for our own happiness; we should live for all the people of the society. That’s why, as a conscious human we must step forward to the noble cause of poverty eradication and donate our spare cars to Mother Waddles car donation program. With our little help, our community can be free of homeless people.